Digital Wellness Report

If You think of Digital Connections in general,

as a form of Gasoline for your Business,

Let me ask you;

When was the last time your

"Digital Vehicle"

got it's service report?

I Invite You Get That Digital

Light fixed for FREE!

Our Digital Wellness Report is designed to give small business
owners a comprehensive overview of their online presence and identify
key areas for improvement.

What's in it?

Overall Health Score
Total Number of Listings Found

Having accurate and complete online listings ensures your business
can be easily found by potential customers. We help identify where
your business is listed correctly and where it needs updates.

GBP Status
Your Google Business Profile

Your GBP listing is a crucial step in establishing a strong online
presence and connecting with local customers. Post updates, respond
to reviews and drive local customers to your business. By having a
well established profile you can enhance your visibility and

Chat Widget on Website
More Customer Engagement

Adding a chat widget can significantly enhance customer engagement
and provide immediate support, potentially converting website
visitors into customers.

Text-Enabled Business Number
Appointment reminders, upcoming events, etc, via text messages

Having a text-enabled business number ensures that potential
prospects can easily contact you, improving customer service and
increasing the chances of capturing leads.

WordPress Site
Establish an Online Presence

A WordPress site empowers businesses to establish a great online
presence. Continuously optimize it's SEO ranking, efficiently engage
with customers and thrive in the digital realm. We can help set up
and maintain a WordPress site to boost your online visibility.

Review Replies
Boost Customer Trust

Research shows that 89% of consumers prefer local businesses that
actively engage with reviews. Responding to reviews, both positive
and negative shows that you value customer feedback, which can
enhance your reputation and attract more customers.

SEO Analysis
Increase Visibility in Search Results

Potential customers are searching online for the products or
services that your business offers. You can boost your visibility in
those search results so that people find you before your competitors.

Listings Accuracy
Correct Your Business Information

For example let's say 90% of your online listings are inaccurate.
This means potential customers might not be able to find you, leading
to lost revenue. Ensuring your business name, address and phone
number are correct across all listings which can help improve your
visibility and attract more customers.

Review Summary
Manage Your Online Reputation

Let's say for example; you have a total of 26 reviews, with an
average rating of 4.3 stars. However, a few negative reviews may
spoil your overall online presence. Addressing these reviews and
encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive feedback can help
improve your rating and attract more customers.

Online Listings
Ensure Consistency Across Platforms

Your business is listed on several platforms, but there are many
that may be missing. Ensuring your business information is consistent
and accurate across all major directories can improve your online
presence and make it easier for customers to find you.

Website Performance
Build a Complete Website

In this example let's say you've purchased a domain name and
started building, but haven't published it yet. In today’s digital
age an online presence is a necessity for success. We can help you
build a site that delivers the information people seek to make buying

By leveraging our "Digital Wellness Report," you can
identify key areas to enhance your online presence, engage more
effectively with customers and ultimately drive business growth. Let
us help you optimize your digital footprint for better visibility and
increased sales.

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